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To Dr Zhang This week i found out that I am 4 weeks pregnant .Thanks to you. I had been trying to get pregnant for a years and i had no luck. But after 2 months Acupuncture treatment with you I am how having a baby.Thank you!Jo Cofter 01/02/07


After Years of trying to concieve I turned to IVF treatment. After 2 failed atempts I was advised to try acupuncture. I embraced on a course as well as the medical massage before I tried my 3rd IVF. this IVF was successful and my son was born on the 8th August weight 7Lb 8oz. I can't thank Dr and staff enough for helping me achieve my dream of being a mum.



Very good treatment-it really speeded up the recovery of my injunry, I 'll definitely come seek again. Many thanks.


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Topic: Chiswick Chinese Medicine Centre Posted by: Cxxx Jxxx

Date/Time: 28/12/10 15:49:00

OMG.... woke up today with the worlds worst pain in my neck and shoulders, should have been out fixing peoples boilers but could barely lift my arms without taking pain killers.

Went to see Dr Zhang, based opposite Sainsburys car park, and after and hours massage I am a new man, ready for tomorrows full day of work.

Many thanks Dr Zhang ( John )


I went to Dr John to have acupuncture for a weight problem. During our initial discussion about my overall health I mentioned suffering from headaches and migraines since a young child and that I was currently in a situation of having a headache and taking painkillers every day. Dr John included treatment for this as well. After many acupuncture treatments my headaches and migraines have reduced dramatically and I have lost well over 2 stone. I am very pleased. Thank you Dr John.

Myra Hobbs


I had been suffering with a rare skin condition called keratodermia plantaris for over a year. It affects the soles of the feet and palms of the hand, causing a thick, yellowish skin to grow, which then splits open in deep fissures. Extremely painful! All the dermatologist could offer me were various steroid creams, sunlight treatment with pills, which can cause cancer, or other retinoid pills which can damage the liver. In desperation I turned to Chinese Medicine, remembering my father found it the only thing to relieve his eczema. Dr Zhang said he could help, and started me on a 6-week course of acupuncture, massage and Chinese powdered herbs. It started improving after 2 weeks, which he had promised. Already feeling so much better with the positive results, he started treating my sciatica too, which I'd also been suffering from for over a year. I had my last session today, and will continue the herbal powder in pill form for another month or so.

I'm truly amazed at the results, not to mention utterly relieved! It was affecting my whole life. I am already recommending Dr Zhang to my friends. He is very gentle, extremely professional, and I won't hesitate to return if I need to. In fact, I would have more faith in him, by far, than my GP!

Sarah Ward - a grateful patient!


Based on Living Social Customer Feedback on 2012, Overall Positive: 94%, Positive Reviews: 50, Negative Reviews: 3.

Customers Review:

"Wow! Thanks so much. I feel fantastic! See you in a couple of months.."

"I really enjoyed this experience and i highly recommend it to anyone who needs a good treatment . I can't wait to go back there .Many thanks to Living social and Dr.Zhang for taking great care of me ."

"Absolutely Fantastic! Brilliant Acupuncturist, really knew his stuff. Felt amazing afterward - definately going back!"

"Can't remember the last time I was able to breath so well."

"Service was really good and he diagnosed my ailments before I told him - just by looking at my tongue and eyes. Magic! Would go back if I ever had an injury."

"it was really good very professional!!!! a little bit far but is worth it!!"

"I have signed up and paid for three more sessions with a view to a further three later. Excellent business, professional care and attention and well worth the money!"

"fantastic massage, best one ever"

"Very professional ands knowledgable man. Really good treatment and well worth the money."

"fabulous treatment."

"Really good massage from the doctor, highly recommended."

"the place is very clean and doctor john is very nice and gentle with the needles.I get a lot of headaches and have nerve pain and sover stress. and feel more relaxed now and have book a course of six more treatments. i had my treatment the day before going on holiday.and felt get from the day of the treatment it was excellent 100 out of 100."

"The acupressure bespoke massage was very well done. Extremely relaxing, pressure points stimulated and, overall, I felt

like all the toxins had been drained out! The Living Social deal was extremely worth it. Would love to return if more discounts were possible."

"Great! John explained everything and provided excellent feedback to all of my questions. "

"Excellent full hour treatment with no time wasting filling in endless forms. Will be booking a full course of combination treatments with Dr Zhang in due course."

"Excellent service. I have been to many Chinese Clinics over the years and this was one of the better ones, the doctor seemed to know his stuff and really care."

"Excellent customer service and good results with a freindly attitude and not the usual drive for more business. "

"This is a very professional service and I am returning to it"

"very good, clean and Professional. recommended"

"Dr John Zhang

very helpful and explained the treatment really well. Was also very accommodating in booking appointment to meet. will definitely return.


tejinder "

"John was great"


Dear Mr Zhang,

I am writing to let you know how I am doing after completing the course of treatment at the end of March.

I had a problem of getting exhausted after talking for half an hour.

The duration I can talk is now a lot longer now. I get tired after a certain period of time but I can recover quicker too.

My energy level is a lot higher and also recover a lot quicker after I feel tired.

This is truly miracle. My problems for more than a decade have been solved just in a few months!

My daghter Sarah who had seen you for a back pain problem reported from Germany that she now feels a lot better in the mornings when she had suffered most in the last few years.

I don't know how I can thank you. I have told a few people how good you are, so you may have bookings from them.

I may turn up for top up sessions later this year too.

Thank you so much and wish you all the best!

Reiko Dean


I attended Dr John's clinic for acupuncture and herbal medication, to treat fertility issues, digestive health and sleeping problems. Dr John is an amazing TCM practicioner and each acupuncture session left me feeling revitalised. My sleeping returned to normal and my digestive health improved dramatically. After these problem alleviated, my reproductive problems started to improve.

Dr John believes that your treatment should also try to combat problems that may have an indirect effect on your health, and this proved true for me, as tackling some of my stressors through acupuncture has improved my quality of life greatly. 

I can't thank Dr John enough for his help and I recommend him highly to anyone considering TCM.


Sharon kahn


Hi, Zhan​g, our little girl Olivia was born today! Natural birth, in the pool, in just 2 hours. We're delighted. Thank you so much for all you help making it possible, your sessions really make a difference!




I've been seeing Dr Zhang for the last twelve weeks for a weekly session of acupuncture to help regulate my hormones & help with relaxation. I've found the sessions extremely helpful & I've looked forward to them. 

Dr Zhang is very professional in his treatment & I would highly recommend his work

Juliette Abbey



Great experience - I highly recommend John he had helped me re-balance my body.




Superb experience. I have knowledge of TCM since 1984. Like many other fields of therapy, I have had a mixture of “good” and “bad” experiences with acupuncture. Until you try and are able to find a skilful acupuncturist, it is difficult to compare or ascertain effectiveness. Very professional in his approach, John gave me a lot of confidence and was certainly able to address my issues. Highly recommended, I will return to see John should the need arise. Very clean, comfortable and private clinic.




The best Chinese Medicine practitioner I have visited. He has really helped me with general well being and treated ongoing injuries.




The doctor always helps me. Until now he has treated my back pain, knee pain and the most important - he helped me to avoid inducing labour in the hospital, after 2 visits my labour started naturally. Highly recommended.




I would highly recommend Chiswick Chinese Medicine Clinic in Acton Ln. Dr John has helped my mother who had neuralgia pain (following shingles) and back pain. We are delighted with results! Thank you very much for the wonderful treatment!




Great experience at a wonderful clinic. I came to Chiswick Chinese Medicine Clinic for acupuncture for poor circulation. I initially booked 6 sessions plus herbal teas. I found Dr John really friendly and knowledgeable, asking the right questions that gave me confidence he understood my symptoms and condition well. He clearly puts a great deal of care and attention into his work, making sure the needles are placed precisely, and cares about his patient's progress. The acupuncture and teas really helped greatly with circulation- I noticed even after the first session. I also left each session feeling very clam, grounded and focused, which I wasn't expecting. My sleep has improved, I have a lot of mental clarity (the couple of days post acupuncture are really productive for me) and found I have tolerated everyday work stressors much better and dealt with them more effectively. My cycle has become more regular and is less affected by stress as well. I also really appreciate the time Dr John gives for each session. I have had acupuncture at a different clinic in the past and it felt incredibly rushed- the sessions felt quite short and timed and I couldn't really relax. But Dr John gives plenty of time and the session feel like 'a time for me' as well as a treatment. I think that contributes to the calmness and focus I feel after sessions. Overall a really great experience. I have actually booked another 6 sessions of acupuncture and, were I not moving away, I would like to be be coming to the clinic for longer.




I would highly recommend Dr John Zhang, I was suffering from a severe neck and back pain for weeks until i saw John. He was able to relieve the pain in 3 sessions of Acupuncture and massage. He was professional and polite and explained to me the whole process and how it all works. This was my fist time doing acupuncture and i will be going back next time i have a pain or problem. Thanks for your help John!




I have been to several acupuncturists and Dr Zhang is by far the best. He is a competent doctor who listens to problems and advises when something can be helped by acupuncture and when it should be addressed by Western medicine - or both. His treatments have always relieved my symptoms and often improved other health issues at the same time. I recommend him very highly.




I have been going to Dr Zhang regularly for about four years, and I recommend him very highly. His acupuncture treatment has done wonders for rejuvenation and relaxation and prevents small imbalances turning into bigger problems. His professional standards are very high and his English is excellent. Fiona, age 70, Kew.



After me undertaking a terrible massage treatment, which left me with severe pain and movement consequences, i managed to find dr zhang (John) ,which was the best thing i went into his clinic crying in pain and once he done the acupuncture treatment on me i left the clinic feeling relaxed, relieved and able to get my body movement back. I recommend this clinic so much and i wouldnt go to anyone else. 5 star experience and service.




I had a shoulder injury while doing sports. Dr John Zhang used acupuncture and massage for 50 minutes each session; I have fully recovered after 6 sessions! Dr Zhang is patient, understanding and knowledgeable. He is a fully trained Traditional Chinese medical practitioner. Highly recommend!




Miracles can happen

Hi John,

Long time no speak I hope you are well.

We settled in very well in a Germany and after we gave to trying for a baby and accepted that we cannot change our faith I became unexpected and naturally pregnant and I am already in week 24.

What a wonder life is.

I just wanted to share this with you as you have been part of this long journey. As I live very rural now there are unfortunately no Chinese doctors around but my midwife will start some accupuncture to prepare me for birth.

Greetings from Bavaria,



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