Chiswick Chinese  Medicine Clinic - Acupuncture   Chinese Mediicne   Massage
Price    List
Consultation                                                       Free (Now)
Acupuncture (Inc 15mins massage)         £45  per session
Acupuncture + Massage(1 hour )          £65  per session
Facial Acupuncture (45mins)             £45  per session
Auricular /Ear Acupuncture              £35  per session
Massage (30mins)                     £35  per session
Massage (60mins)                     £50  per session
Hot cupping (15mins)                  £15  per session
Special Heating                       £15  per session
Dry Herbs                          £5   per bag
Herbal Extract Powder                  £7    per day
Herb Products will be vary
Reflexology (45mins)                  £45   per session
Moxibustion (20mins)                 £25   per session
Ear Candle (inc candle)                £20   per session
Allergy Test                        £35
By booking a course of treatments according to your situation you will benefit from a package discount.
Fertility & IVF Support Acupuncture Treatment, Weekend/Evening booking availible,
Fully insured member of The Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, covered most health insurance plan:  Simplyhealth,  Medisure,  Sovereign health Care,  HSF Health Plan,  National Friendly,  Healthshield etc. insurance company.
We accept payment by cash, cheque or debit/credit card